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"My experience with Amarildo has been fantastic, in every capacity. Amarildo's courses are thoughtful, dynamic, engaging, and highly inventive in the ways he introduces Spanish culture into the language lessons. Students learn from a tutor who actually lives in Central America - whose knowledge of geo-politics provides a vision for the students that contextualize the lessons he imparts. I have, and will always, recommend Amarildo and Interlangua's services. I think they are a great resource."

An educated Spanish tutor, experienced in medical vocabulary, is ready when you are. InterLangua tutors are expert at advancing medical Spanish language skills through conversational practice. They are experienced at “role-playing” the part of the patient, teaching medical Spanish as part of a dialogue. InterLangua tutors have the unique ability to move between the technical description of symptoms and the common usage in Latin American Spanish.

Extend the effectiveness of classroom teaching

Beyond grammar to conversational practice, InterLangua tutors guide students through the specialized vocabulary needed within medical Spanish. Having a personal relationship with a tutor from a different culture helps students build new language skills faster and more effectively.

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