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Learn SPanish With Interlangua's Amarildo Bal from Beautiful Antigua, Guatamala

It’s the conversation that’s important…We talk about people, sometimes our different cultures, whatever the student wants to talk about.” – Amarildo Bal

Amarildo Bal (view certification) is one of the world’s most experienced language tutors with over 15 years of teaching online. Amarildo’s team of credentialed, native-speaking Spanish teachers excel in tutoring the language and how to immerse you in the culture. His secret? Infusing language lessons with emotional significance by providing cultural context. Amarildo – who is based out of Guatemala – has established a large client base that includes corporations, universities and individuals, as well as a few U.S. based Spanish teachers who want a professional tutor to help hone their skills.

Amarildo has helped thousands of students, both personally and indirectly, by consulting with some of the top universities in the U.S.. Some of their special courses include teaching “business” and “medical” Spanish. Amarildo has a long history of working with medical schools, including Duke University’s School of Medicine.

The personal touch and cultural influence of Amarildo’s language teaching style nurtures not only an understanding of the language, but a relationship with it as well. 

“You develop a relationship with the tutor as if you were living in Guatemala,” , said Dr. Dennis Clements, chief medical officer for Duke University’s Children’s Hospital and the professor who organizes the Honduran program. “There are many side discussions about politics and general lifestyle that are very illuminating.”

Reach out to Amarildo and his team today and embark on a linguistic adventure like no other service can provide. 

Amarildo Bal and Dr. Dennis Clements at Duke University